Sunday, February 22, 2009

North - Korona

Album: Korona
Year: 2002
Country: Poland
Genre: Raw Pagan Black Metal

North is a Polish Pagan Black Metal band, a lot of bands in this genre tend to use a lot of alternative instruments and atmospheric elements; North avoids this, and sounds more like the bands of Les Légions Noires at some points, even though it is not even close to being as raw as any of those bands.

North plays Raw Pagan Black Metal. The vocals are cold and raw; the drums play an important part on this record, as they push the music forward constantly. The guitar sounds pretty compact and not as raw and rasping as you might expect from this band.
The record has some melodic parts, but the cold, raw and rasping feeling makes this pure raw black metal. Their lyrical themes deal with Paganism, Anti-Christianity and Medieval Wars. The pagan focus has been more dominating in their later releases.

“Korona”, or “The Crown”, is North’s third full length album, and it will probably be popular amongst those of you who like your music clean and raw. The vocals are in Polish, but you still get the idea. This is a good album, that I recommend to those of you who likes this kind of pagan metal.