Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ragnarok (UK) - To Mend The Oaken Heart

Band: Ragnarok
Album: To Mend The Oaken Heart
Year: 1996
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Celtic/Pagan Black Metal

Ragnarok is a Pagan Black Metal band formed in 1988 by Deorth, Morgoth and Cernunno in England. Their style would be described as Celtic/Folk/Pagan/Black metal with medieval influences; the medieval sound makes this band differ from other bands in the same genre. Their Lyrical themes deal with Pagan/Celtic myth, legend and folklore.

This album combines medieval instruments, atmospheric effects like wind and fighting and the traditional black metal sound. This gives the album a special atmosphere, unlike many Celtic metal bands that are more oriented towards heavy metal. The combination works well, the instruments work well together and makes the sound complete and enjoyable. The screaming could at some points be better, but this does not ruin the rest of the sound. The album starts with the pure Celtic song “Haeled Under Heofenum” setting the right atmosphere for the rest of the album. The upcoming songs vary a lot in genre and quality, some songs are traditional folk songs, some almost sound like gothic or neoclassical, this gives the album a width and variation making it interesting to listen through the whole of the album. The last song “To Mend The Oaken Heart” is a pure atmospheric song as the first, this wraps the album up and in a way sums up the feeling of the whole album. This is a good album and I recommend it to any fans of atmospheric Celtic/Black metal.

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