Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nebelhorn - Gen Helwegs Grund

Band: Nebelhorn
Album: Gen Helwegs Grund
Year: 2006
Country: Germany
Genre: Viking Metal

The German Viking Metal band Nebelhorn is presently the one-man act of Wieland, Nebelhorn plays typical Viking metal with all the necessary ingredients. The lyrical themes deal with Northern Mythology and Viking life.

This album has all the necessary ingredients to make a good Viking metal album, rasping guitars, screaming, and battle choirs and so on. All this gives the atmosphere and sound I look for in a Viking metal album. Nebelhorn has the melodic and down-tuned sound of the German Pagan metal bands, but still keeps the more black rasping image. The songs all fit well and it is a pleasure to listen to this album as the various parts plays, some of the parts are excellent for slow headbanging and some are of the more atmospheric sort, I must say that I am pretty impressed that only one man has managed to create all this by himself. Overall I would say that this is a great Viking Metal album, which I recommend.