Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mythos Nord - Die Rückkehr der Krieger

Band: Mythos Nord
Album: Die Rückkehr der Krieger
Year: 2006
Country: Germany
Genre: Viking Metal

Mythos Nord is a German Viking Metal band, this album is their first release and was self-released. Unlike other German Pagan Metal bands, often using slow and clear guitar riffs, Mythos Nord has a Rock/Metal sound, in addition to the atmospheric synth. In my opinion, this album sounds a lot like Glittertind, unlike their later release which sounds more like the german scene.

The soft atmosphere of the album is typical for Mythos Nord, but including the hard parts, keeping the metal sound, and is even more prominent on this album than the second album. The vocals sounds more like raw singing than screaming, which suits this release very good. This songs may sound a bit ordinary and they do not differ much from each other. The sound could be more original and heavy, and the drums could be clearer. Overall, this is a good album, leading the way to the second album, which was better in my opinion, but this is not also a good album, and if you like this sort of music I would recommend it.


Erich said...

Track 2 is password protected, what's the password?